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Light gas and report and solar energy water heater to use quite

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As consciousness of people environmental protection strengthen ceaselessly, more and more consumer apt choose solar energy water heater, but a lot of people are not to understand very much to using this kind of product. Here, we make solar energy water heater, report water heater and the property of water heater burning gas be compared roughly.

One, respect of hot water crop

Water heater burning gas has 5 to rise, 7 litres, 8 litres wait different type, it is to show water temperature rise inside 1 minute the hot water that produces high when 25 ℃ is estimated, if the temperature of tap water is 25 ℃ , minutely the hot water that can produce 50 ℃ 5 litres, 7 rise or 8 litres.

Of electric water heater tagging is 30 litres, 60 litres, 90 litres are waited a moment, this is the quantity containing water of water heater pointing to report, be equivalent to us adding a jug on electric furnace, the quantity flourishing water of this jug is 30 litres, 60 litres, 90 litres. Take a 8 litres water heater burning gas and a 40 litres electric heat water implement compare, 8 litres water heater burning gas can arise continuously minutely 8 litres hot water, and interval of need of electric water heater heats half hours one canister water. If water of this one canister is gone, wait for the left and right sides half hours even.

Solar energy water heater according to year average air temperature 15.7 ℃ , year sunshine duration gross of global radiation of 2014 hour, suns year all calculate for square metre of 111.59 kilocalorie / , if collect heats up an area to be 2 square metre, year absorb sun radiate energy to be 9.37 × 106 1000 anxious, press a water temperature rise tall 35 ℃ are calculated (fundamental water is warm 10 ℃ ) , annual can offer the life to use hot water (45 ℃ ) 53.5 tons, bathe to need 50 kilograms about with hot water every time each, criterion annual can wash 1070 person-time, can wash 2.93 person-time on average everyday.

2, heat career respect

The water heater burning gas that produces at present is fast water heater mostly, no matter when, want to use hot water only, open a powerful person burning gas and faucet, hot water comes out with respect to meeting shedding. And electric water heater needs beforehand electrify is controlled half hours, ability begins to use. It is better that solar energy water heater is used when weather is sunny, optimal floor is in 6 to eightfold.

3, temperature stability respect

Because water heater burning gas is to heat quickly, have adjust temperature device, want to using the temperature that in the begining tone feels comfortable to human body only, can maintain all the time after that in this one temperature constant the ground supplies hot water.

Electric water heater needs to receive a cold water to be in charge of add to enter cold water additionally when use, pour out of ceaselessly when the water inside coal tub, when cold water is joined ceaselessly, water is warm can drop gradually, until it is cold water entirely. When be being used so, need keeps adjust the scale of cold hot water.
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