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In disappear assist remind consumer attention family uses electric environment

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Be complained by Dongguan consumer " the death that send a person " water heater of 10 thousand happy report, classics Dongguan pledged check bureau maintains his not to have quality problem a few days ago. Electric equipment quality is eligible, why does consumer still get an electric shock die? Prime criminal is unexpectedly " the environment that use phone " ! Resolve electric equipment quality and safe hidden trouble this one problem already no time to delay. For this, chinese consumer society released consumptive caution a few days ago, remind broad consumer attention family uses issue of electric environment safety, want to make sure power source has safe ground contact especially.

7 do not amount to mark with electric environment into the dweller

In recent years, concerned consumer gets an electric shock when electric equipment is used in the home dying example has repeatedly happen. The course analyses discovery, fake the product, non-standard installation, unqualified environment that use phone has made the 3 big hidden trouble that use phone, among them range of danger of the unqualified environment that use phone is wide, concealment the gender is strong, solve rise more complex.

The insecure environment that use phone can carry home appliance " commit the crime " , the domestic electrical appliance that can let all qualification becomes electric system, bring safe hidden trouble to the family. Accident of the on fire such as electromagnetism furnace, microwave oven, television, air-conditioner, explosion happens from time to tome, still water heater of washing machine, report produces accident of leakage of electricity. Senior engineer Feng Songyun teachs institute of electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to ever pointed out, electric equipment fire occupies the 28 % left and right sides of whole fire sum total nowadays. These accidents receive electric mouth by power source more the contact is undesirable cause, the power source electrical outlet with so good service mass, ensure the safety of the environment that use phone is very important.

The problem of the environment that use phone of Chinese family is very severe. It is by 2005, chinese consumer society combines national level appoint, association of home appliance of home appliance academy, China, released pair of 2386 China families to be investigated with electric environment, investigation project includes ground connection whether good, conduit whether electrified, front line, 0 routes are alternate receive wait for 11. Findings shows, amount to mark completely with electric environment only 576, other 1810 hidden trouble that are put in different level, rate is as high as 75.9% .

In disappear assist send caution of the safety that use phone

For this, in disappear assist release consumptive caution, remind broad consumer when to using phone, want to notice the following item:

The first, check and accept repeatedly detect. Right new purchased building is necessary to undertake checking and accept to using electric environment. When the family is decorated, want to seek the construction group that has aptitude, after construction ends, should undertake be checkinged and accept in the round detecting more. Consumer should know the fundamental condition of road of him home appliance, wait for the norms of used wire, current-carrying capacity, capacity to electric water heater, should ask construction group is made clear when keep circuitry pursues. Buy use high-power electric equipment, do not need manufacturer to install the high-power electric equipment from pick up the goods especially (wait like electromagnetism furnace, microwave oven) when, want to examine power source to configure a circumstance, examine have without device of safe ground connection, ground wire, electrical outlet applicable.
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