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Machine of supermarket soya-bean milk sells so that fire becomes milk substitute

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This period of time, many citizens begin to search milk substitute, buy soya-bean milk machine to extract soya-bean milk to make first choice oneself. The reporter visits supermarket discovery, these days the sales volume of soya-bean milk machine and juicer has different level to increase. Not only such, have a citizen more for insurance for the purpose of, mail from native place go to Guangzhou from the soya bean of family property, produce oneself extract double insurance oneself.

Although bother,soya-bean milk is extracted in the home but safe

Expand what suckle incident of powdery quality door as 3 deer further, consumer is right homebred milk powder really heart impeach Lv. Many infant parents choose to buy costly entrance powdered milk, a few like to drink powdered milk at ordinary times or the citizen that liquid state suckles searchs substitute in succession. Buy a machine to extract soya-bean milk to make best choice in the home. Reporter yesterday (on September 20) visit each big supermarket, the sales volume that discovers soya-bean milk machine and juicer has the addition of different level. Supermarket of 10 thousand beautiful Mr Yang tells chief of department of home appliance of 5 sheep branch the reporter, since a week, the total sales volume with juicer compares soya-bean milk machine to increase at ordinary times 20% .

The salesperson tells inn of 100 beautiful the Milky way the reporter, the sales volume of machine of this inn soya-bean milk and juicer all the time pretty good, the near future grows small only. But before those who buy soya-bean milk machine is housewife or office worker, the is an infant commonly parent that the near future buys soya-bean milk machine or pregnant woman, "Replace milk with soya-bean milk " .

The reporter is happy in the home yesterday 100 letters inn sees Fu Baiyun area, soya-bean milk machine and juicer are in get sales promotion, "Sell very these days fire " , the salesperson says.

Milk drinks a dot less to change drink oatmeal walnut pink

The citizen defends the gentleman's wife to just be pregnant, because concern drinks powdered milk insecure, just bought machine of a soya-bean milk from the supermarket, the plan extracts the soya-bean milk of fresh and clean free from contamination to wife every day. Not only such, the parents that defends a gentleman is planted in native place soya bean, because this connects the raw material that extracts soya-bean milk to be sent from native place, "Assure pure natural free from contamination " .

The daughter of Tan aunt is reading elementary school, student powdered milk is drunk all the time before this. After the infant milk powder of a few old brands gives an issue, the Tan aunt that is not at ease still is taking a daughter to go to a hospital checking, "Did not give what issue fortunately " . Tan aunt went to a supermarket buying soya-bean milk machine a few days ago, extract soya-bean milk to the daughter every morning, "The trouble is troublesome, but be at ease " .
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