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Not professional consumer bothers home appliance maintenance technician much

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It is before in my eye, home appliance maintenance technician is the expert that is worth reliance, but I discover actual condition is not all later such, some maintenance technician are none professional, this makes me very bemused.

The effect of refrigeration of air conditioning this summer of my home drops apparently, ask a person to come to maintain then, the result is informed to be to be short of fluorine. Maintenance technician gives added fluorine, and say " wrap you to be no problem with 3 years " . Knows maintenance technician to just walked along the refrigeration effect that I discover air conditioning to do not have what improvement. Do not have method, call again the following day the newspaper is repaired, the maintenance technician that this comes back looks say, the pipe outdoor has a place by squash, those who affected air conditioning is deferent. I think this is very reasonable, whole floor has been whitewashed when spring, the likelihood awaits pipe in those days namely by squash. Maintenance technician holds pipe say " OK, although irreclaimable original state, but won't affect use. " did not think of, use that evening, the refrigeration effect of air conditioning still did not rise. Look for maintenance the 3rd times, I ask to seek an experienced worker, the result came two maintenance technician, they enquired use circumstance and maintenance circumstance in detail, the decision checks the pressure of fluorine first. Receive upward pressure list, a maintenance technician says: "The pressure of fluorine has been 9, if switch on the mobile phone, actuating pressure will be greater, normal should be 6. " I enquire ability knows in detail, pressure is fluorine is added greatly too much, as a result affected the refrigeration result of air conditioning. Face this kind of situation, exclusive settlement method is dropt one part fluorine. Two people put many minutes 10 fully, the fluorine let slip with will redundant ability. After be being put, they also did not go immediately, open air conditioning however, the ability after checking refrigeration temperature goes. My air conditioning also restored favorable refrigeration result from now on.

Air conditioning fostered cordial relations between states, but my deep feeling is quite much. Maintain 3 times, come to expend every time should receive 50 yuan, it is 150 yuan 3. Still have, adding fluorine also should receive fund, the key is the fluorine that received fund, finally even dropt one part. Of dropt is money not just, still have the destruction to ozonosphere.

Same thing still has the electric water heater of my home, it is to need to clean merely, the maintenance technician when who knows to clean will be other component bang up, the ability after the 2nd maintenance is used normally. Such-and-such, need maintenance technician for many times to come not only, how is consumer losing money, time compensated for again? I think, "Mount guard evidence is shown when home appliance maintenance technician comes or be professional qualification card " just should not say just, it should fall to real point, in order to prevent a few not professional staff not only repair bad electric equipment, increase more troubles to consumer instead, cause bigger loss.
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