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Cheat! Bogus science and technology waters machine is scurvy not shallow

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One electroanalysises ion waters machine mark a price unexpectedly 9360 yuan! Recently, told about her experience to the author in Ms. He of the river inside Sichuan personally. Ms. He weighs a product introduction around living area to be able to go up, her classics does not live " expert " do his utmost to recommend, with so called sell preferential price continuously 6650 yuan, bought to electroanalysis according to saying to be able to be made water, can hairdressing, reduce weight, the function that returns can diabetic to cure, hypertension to benefit somewhat water machine. After the event, ms. He just wakes up to reality gradually, the brand that goes up with the market waters machine photograph is compared, this waters machine it may be said is " day price " , and do one water machine have so big effect really again? Can seek testimony when Ms. He again when, manufacturer already the person goes the building is empty, when the phone seeks advice, manufacturer pole all says decline, but do not agree to return money after all.

Illegal manufacturer with " high-tech " for cover

The author visits discovery, current, by the coronal with all sorts of functions " high-tech " water machine in the market unexpectedly very general, "Alkalescent water " , " ionic water " , " water continuously " , " energy water " , " electroanalysis water " wait to already became many dealer " advocate dozen " fascia. Divide traditional however distribute inn pattern, network sale has made these minor brands, " new function " the main sale channel of the product.

In " China creates a network " , " net of Chinese Electromechanical commerce " wait for business affairs website to go up, of all kinds water machine information Lin Lin always, it is ground of all of one suit alleges almost oneself product owns patent, compare at watering commonly machine, have " go against permeate purify, clean water of the mineralization outside Yuan Gong " etc super- strong purify a function. A few electroanalysis manufacturer of water, ionic water still alleges, the course is special electroanalysis the mineral water of processing is OK cell of activation human body, enhance blood-vessel of fat of force of human body immunity, deliquescent blood, bate, rise to reduce weight, acetanilide, fall all sorts of action such as hematic fat. Since locate " high-tech " , price nature does not poor, author once-over discovers, every is contained " muti_function " of appellation water machine, price is in at least 5000 yuan of above, control in 10 thousand yuan commonly, and the brand on the market waters machine also do not pass hundreds of control to 1000 yuan.

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, in fact, the experience of Ms. He is not an exemple, antecedents waters unidentifiedly this kind of spot of aircraft manufacturer is recommended, move persuade, calm dot is promoted, the way that sells continuously on the net is being performed in many cities, many citizens had had personal experience, also adopt the attitude with doubt to this kind of product. A few consumer state with following the form of post, hair post the businessman's conduct propaganda is exaggerated, there is apparent curative effect after using, still can produce a few undesirable reaction even. Consumer him introduction of Xiamen ever spent 5000 yuan to had bought water of a 100 weak base famous a card to water on the net machine, drinkable later produced bellyacke, diarrhoea, jerky, blood pressure however elevatory, have a fever wait for a symptom. Original, drinkable electroanalysis water is possible generation side-effect, the businessman is right this however the word was not carried. Have more very person, those who sell customer is flat it is a cost cheap unqualified water machine, still slant should affix " high-tech " brand.
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